Liis has the brain, wit and passion to find solutions where others have given up. She's like a female MacGuyver - just a lot more avid for fashion. She's a young entrepreneur with a master's degree in the technology of wood, plastics and textiles. Her driving force is her restless soul - working towards a solution for the textile waste.

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Kaie is a power-woman with strategic thinking, courage and quick reaction. She has 20 years of experience within brand building, product development and retail in the fashion sector and a MBA degree in entrepreneurial management and executive coaching. She won’t stop before she has accomplished her mission to make a positive impact in the fashion industry.

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Mariann considers herself as a Jack of all trades and believes that everything is figureoutable. She's a young entrepreneur with a degree in clothing and textile and photography. She has a curious brain, visual thinking and likes to play with words. She calls herself a creative magician who is passionate about finding ways to reduce ecological footprint.

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Well, we really are clever and brainy ladies ourselves, but are currently looking for our very own Mr. MacGyver who is a highly skilled operator of machinery and green production enthusiast. Someone who can make or repair in an improvised or inventive way.
Sounds like you or someone you know? Great! Let us know

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